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Commercial Law

Analysis, constitution and implementation of corporate legal structures and solutions for any commercial or contractual need.

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Foreign Investment & International Business

Free Trade Zones, due diligence and consultancy in the inception, acquisition and daily operations of corporations, businesses and investments.

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Civil Law

All-inclusive guidance in real estate transactions, estate planning, condominium property, testamentary law, contracts, among others.

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Notarial & Registry Services

Execution of Notarial matters, as well as their respective registry, for their use in Costa Rica or outside its borders.

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Tax Law

Advice on general tax duties and procedures, consulting of tax statements and monitoring of administrative proceedings.

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Constitutional & Administrative Law

Unconstitutionality claims and appeals, governmental contracting and dispute, maritime-terrestrial zone, among others.

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Immigration Consulting

Temporary and permanent residency applications, visa extensions, work permits, among others, for your personal or corporate interests.

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Environmental Law

Advice on environmental proceedings and due diligence, concerning institutions such as SETENA, MINAE, Ministry of Health and others.

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Competition and Consumer Law

Corporate and individual consulting, administrative proceedings before the National Consumers Commission as well as litigation.

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Labor Law

Advice on corporate labor law, administrative and judiciary proceedings, internal policies, including personnel training and more.

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Intellectual Property

Due registry of brands, licenses, industrial designs, patents, literary and artistic works and product registry, as well as litigation.

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Conciliation and Arbitration

Alternative dispute resolution, we offer you our extensive experience in handling arbitration, mediation and conciliation disputes.

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New 2% tax withholding to external professionals who provide services in the formalization of financial products.

On page 9 of Gaceta No. 162, dated August 25th 2014, you may find the publishing of Resolution No. 035-2014 DGT-R-General Taxation Directorate, through which financial entities are obliged to make a 2% tax withholding applicable to external professionals who have provided their services in the formalization of any financial product.


According to this decree, published in Gaceta N° 122, dated June 26th this year, a moratorium has been enacted until the Administration obtains the technical and scientific necessary certainty to ensure that this activity will not have a harmful impact on health and the environment.


Already since 2000 and 2004, the Constitutional Court had approved the installation of security cameras in public areas of a workplace, declaring it produced no violation to the workers' right to privacy.


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